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Intuition is our innate compass. Every one of us (without fail) is gifted with it at birth. Intuition is the creation and gift of Unconditional Love and therefore its true north is naturally Love.

I like to playfully call my own compass inTRUition, because ultimately Truth is Love.

When I say Love I mean that inexpressible kindnesscompassiontruthhome, I mean Our True Nature; that’s why I give it a capital L.

Warning: What I’m about to say will seem threatening to many. I’m going to say it anyway.

Many, many of us lose touch with this golden compass quite quickly. Why? Because humans are currently conditioned by (and therefore obsessed with) strategy. Strategy is the tool of winners, and we are all conditioned to believe we want to be winners by the dominant ideology of Capitalism. Most of us live with a nigh omnipresent anxiety that we are at risk of becoming losers, this is of course the same ideology at work. Some folk are in a state of despair, suffering under the belief that they ARE losers. Those that see themselves as winners are guaranteed to become losers at some point in life. Winners use the strategies of anxiety and guilt and shame to keep their ideology on top. These feelings are of course all types of fear, and fear is the state of believing oneself abandoned by Love.

One of the ways that winners/losers try to mitigate fear is with soothing activity. There are all types of soothing; on the scale from mostly benign to life-destroying. Soothing provides temporary dopamine dosing to distract us from the merciless and precarious conditioned narrative of Winners and Losers. Winners and Losers need Stuff. If you get the stuff you win. If you can’t get the stuff you lose.

None of this is Our True Nature. It IS the ‘play of the world’ and we all spend a little time hypnotised by its high stakes game play. Many of us are completely and utterly immersed and enmeshed in this dream.

This dream includes the opportunity to wake up.

To wake up is to realise there are no winners and no losers. We are ALL of us Pure Unconditional Love; I call this Our True Nature.

Every dream is guaranteed to end with waking up. Life will cause you to wake up. This can be called Grace. You may be someone who is traumatised by religious dogma and you might not appreciate the term Grace, so feel free to call it kindnesscompassiontruthhome if that suits you better.

Some people reading this will be totally hypnotised by the story of Winners and Losers. These ones will scoff at intuition. Strategy is more highly prized. These are the ones who will feel threatened by my assertions.

I’m here to say the game of Winners and Losers is NOT real life, it is the dream only.

Intuition is not a tool for winning, or for preventing losing. This is why winners/losers believe they have thrown out this defunct compass. (Winners/losers will acknowledge intuition exists if it happens to help them win or prevent losing.)

Intruition is infinitely precious. Why? Because you can use your innate gift of intruition to wake up.

What is real life? Real life is Our True Nature. I feel a good word for it is Home. If you have a trauma response to the word home, nonetheless I suspect you have an innate understanding of what I mean by capital H Home. What I mean by Home is the end of fear.

Published by Art of Intruition

Jessica Berry is a certified meditation facilitator. She has been studying Awareness and practicing meditation for more than 20 years. Her extensive training in art and design give her a unique perspective and this informs her writing deeply. Jessica believes we are all able to Wake Up.

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