From Fear to Love. Part 2

Fear of falling by Jessica Berry

From Fear to Love

Part 2.

*If you haven’t read part one click this link

The monkey analogy from part 1 is a fun one, but what really is our mind function?

The mind function acts in concert with the body function to create an extremely believable Earth-suit total experience unit. The birth to-death experience is fully immersive; it is so immersive that we forget all about Our True Nature. Our true nature is like an ultimate light source that enables a 3D immersion projector to project an ‘image-experience’. This image-experience is interpreted by the mind+body function. This analogy seems good, but it will be even better for you if you can drop into the understanding that the light creates the image.

The immersive Earth-birth-to-death experience is one that our higher selves love to get amongst. When your true nature is everything-at-once-all-knowing-all-seeing it can be fun to slow things down and flip from ‘no-time’ into ‘time’. This no-time-knowing functions in the same sort of way that the nothing creates the context for the something; (see my blog post ‘living with spiritual integrity’ for more on that). Our Earth-suit experience looks a lot like a time experience from the perspective of the Earth-suit.

What do I mean by ‘higher self’? At the centre of each of us it is the same Centre, Our Heart-of-Hearts. This is the ALL-ONE-SOURCE-LOVE. When the One decides it would very much love the experience of ultimate creativity through many-ness, it manifests its crystal prism function and shimmers itself into a multitude of ‘souls’. Everything in creation has a higher ‘soul’, not just human beings. The soul is like the template. The soul is a fractal aspect of the One; It can only create itself from itself. Part of the soul experience is a concurrent opportunity to manifest into a slowed down vibration experience. This is the Earth-suit-birth-to-death experience. Our soul aspects are immortal and therefore an ever-present resource for the mind-body aspect to receive assistance from. No-one would go out into space without ground control! A perspective shift: your higher self is like ground control; the Earth walk is like the trip into space.

Where do I get all this info? From my Centre. You can access it too! We share the same Ultimate Centre. When you tune into your Centre (or Heart) you can verify information. This means to know what is true not from the basis of the dogma of an ideology, but from your greater knowing; your ‘connectedness’.

The spectrum of feeling experiences included in the Earth-suit range from fear to love. By fear I mean the furthest vibration from love. We experience this ‘furthest away’ vibration as states like despair and worthlessness. These experiences are hell on Earth. Our higher self knows that at any moment we can stop the experience of hell on Earth and turn the experience dial back to Love. They’ve got our back. They are existing in the state of Pure Love singing the Pure Love symphony for us to tune back into when our dial is turned way down. The trouble is that the despair/worthlessness experience is ultra-compelling from the perspective of the mind+body. We find it very, very difficult to tune back into Love. Why? Because we identify almost totally with the experience and forget that we are always and ever truly the experiencer.

Published by Art of Intruition

Jessica Berry is a certified meditation facilitator. She has been studying Awareness and practicing meditation for more than 20 years. Her extensive training in art and design give her a unique perspective and this informs her writing deeply. Jessica believes we are all able to Wake Up.

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