Wholeness by Jessica Berry


Who am I?


That’s it! We are IT. The One. We are Love-Compassion-Kindness-Unity.

So, who is Bob? Or Jamal? Or Xiao? All One.

So, who’s this one who is not good enough? Who is this one who needs to get it? Who is this unlovable guilty one?

It’s a past time.

Really. It’s all past time. This guilty one is naught but an accumulation of dust. Dust is not inherently bad. We don’t dust things to rid them of badness. We dust to make clear, to make something that has become obscured become seen. The word ‘clean’ has the taste of judgement so it is not accurate for my purpose here. Clear just means see-able or seen through.

But what about the body? And our oh-so-unique thoughts? Doesn’t that make us different? Doesn’t that prove we are all separate selves trying to get along in a difficult place?

(click here to read my post on the game of winning and losing).

What if the sole purpose of the experience of a body and a mind is LOVE? What if the nature of Love has the innate purpose to share itself? And that’s IT?

(What I mean by Love here is Love-Compassion-Kindness-Unity. I don’t mean Valentines’ Day and broken hearts and weddings and divorces. If romance means seeing the beauty in something then I do mean that, but only if it means that.)

What if we threw ourselves out of the garden of Eden? The parable says we saw ourselves and were ashamed. It is only the sudden perception of shame being described here, there’s no actual crime. God is confabulated to be a judgemental jerk from the point of view of one who believes in their own guilt.

The Tao is a symbol of Unity. It simply demonstrates that if you focus singularly, the opposite of your focus is implied. The past time of being a ‘me’ is a focusing activity. It is a slowed down investigation, an experience of time for one who’s nature is timeless.

We do get addicted to pretending we are not Love, but this activity can end as soon as we determine that it must end. Our eternal nature is Unity, so the ceasing of the activity of playing the game of separation is a given.

We get consumed by the activity of acting out in the world to solve the erroneous idea that there is a self with a problem with the self. We attack ourselves and each other in the pursuit of making wrong become right. We create wrongness and rightness. This is fear. Fear is turning away from love. But Love cannot go anywhere. There is nowhere to go because nowhere just means Now Here. We are free to turn away from Love because Source-Unity-Oneness-Love is also Freedom. The moment we turn back all sense of time is re-known as Timelessness.

Our bodies and our minds are being experienced as a dream within the Mind of the One, The One is our inherent wholeness. When we cease the past time of creating time from the past, we see that what is is all there IS. No thing. Now Here. Whole. All One.

Published by Art of Intruition

Jessica Berry is a certified meditation facilitator. She has been studying Awareness and practicing meditation for more than 20 years. Her extensive training in art and design give her a unique perspective and this informs her writing deeply. Jessica believes we are all able to Wake Up.

2 thoughts on “Wholeness

  1. Well said! When we approach everything from love and do everything from love we help others to overcome fear which of course is the opposite of love.


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