Compassionate here-ing part 2

Compassionate here-ing

Part 2

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Blocking fear-hurt energy both within ourselves and with others is a form of energy resistance and results in nothing but an increase of fear-hurt energy. Imagine a dam across a water source, but imagine the water is seemingly an unending flow. The water builds and builds and eventually, inevitably, the dam will crack and break under the pressure of the water pressing against it. Resisting our difficult energies causes just this result. The ‘dam breaking’ is when we go into breakdown. We all have different sized dam functions when resisting energy and will judge each other (and therefore ourselves) on which is best. None of the dam types are best. Our best response is to allow energy to flow because flow is its nature. Breakdown always feels like a temporary relief to our built-up resistance to difficult energy, but we will soon set to work in the cycle of building up and sharing fear-hurt energy around and resisting it. We use the word trauma to describe built-up and entrenched resistance to fear-hurt energy. This is fear-hurt energy that we seem unable to integrate.

Good news! If we tune into our Centre or our Heart-of-Hearts, we find the capacity to allow any amount of fear-hurt energy to return to flow. Our Source is an order of magnitude of Love that we cannot fathom. Our Source IS Love-Freedom-Allowing. We can practice tuning in to our felt perception of our Centre and allowing resistance to difficult energy to clear. As we go through this process in our own inner experience it becomes apparent that we have a greater capacity for allowing the same energy in others. We can be with fear-hurt energy in a state of compassionate here-ing. This ‘being-with’ dissolves, transforms and integrates any and all difficult energy, and deepens our capacity and connection to our Source. We become living examples of Love in action. Punishment and shaming are part of the activity of resisting difficult energy. Hurt people will hurt others because attack is one way of acting out the misunderstanding of the communication of fear-hurt energy. Punishing and shaming people who increase the hurt in the world does not end the hurt, but only increases it.

What do we discover about all fear-hurt energy when we surrender it into our Love-Source? We discover fear-hurt energy is nothing but the turning away from our Love-Source because of notions of unworthiness. This is why it is the best antidote. When connected to our Centre it is Known that we are ALL innately Worthy because we are all innately Love.

Published by Art of Intruition

Jessica Berry is a certified meditation facilitator. She has been studying Awareness and practicing meditation for more than 20 years. Her extensive training in art and design give her a unique perspective and this informs her writing deeply. Jessica believes we are all able to Wake Up.

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