Symbol substitution

Shrine bridge Nara, photo by Jessica Berry

Symbol substitution

Part 1.

We are a story telling species and we use symbol systems to tell our stories. We have become so habitually focused on our symbol systems that we overlook the true depth of our experiencing. We focus on the transactional play of words, images and memories of the past, but we ultimately experience our lives as out of balance because our greater senses are really picking up a whole spectrum of energetic experience beneath the symbol system at the same time as only consciously registering the data with our lower body+minds. Our mind function focuses on translating the symbols being received in experience and sharing the interpretations through the body experience. We think this is the sum of our experience, but we also have a greater contextual functioning being experienced, I’ll call the sensing of this greater context felt perception. We can also use the term intuition as a word-symbol to describe this felt perception. Empathic types are sensitive instruments for this felt perception of our greater context, but empaths can become drained by using their lower mind symbol- system function only to translate their felt perception. This can be called taking-it-personally.

For example, what response do you experience when I say the word-symbol ‘winter’? Just tune in to the spectrum of offerings the mind gives to translate this word symbol for a moment. There will likely be words, images, mental memories expressed as body experiences, mini movies; a combination of a story-telling spectrum of response to this word symbol. All these symbol interpretations are occurring in the now, but the content will be information sourced from the past. Different types among us will weigh more heavily on different types of interpretation through whatever their unique command of the five senses combination is. Highly sensitive types will also experience a sixth sensory translation and give this credence in their response data. What is the sixth sense? It can be called intuition- the sense that points us to the greater context or map of connection, or Oneness, or Truth. Not so sensitive types will also experience a translation of their greater context but will use their lower mind function to judge this translation as irrational or nonsensical. What do I mean by ‘lower mind’? The lower mind is the sum of the accumulation of the past and how it uses this past information to respond to the present. The lower mind includes any manifestations in the body as the body has the function of displaying or ‘proving’ the illusion of the results of the translations of the mind. The lower mind is fearful and interprets data through the lens of potential threats. This is a lower mind method based on the use of theoretical systems rather than direct felt connection. This data is all based on past perception. A fearful and separate lower mind largely thinks of this collection of past data as ‘myself’. This is a case of mistaken identity. Identifying solely with the data from the lower mind will give credence to the story that ‘myself’ is alone, separate, abandoned and therefore under threat. This ‘self’ will desire to mitigate perceived threats in whatever unique methods that this accumulation of past data determines is best. This gives rise to the habit of reacting rather than responding. Reacting is solely based on time-based past data and ignores data available from the eternal now. Responding incorporates data that is current.

Continued in part 2

Published by Art of Intruition

Jessica Berry is a certified meditation facilitator. She has been studying Awareness and practicing meditation for more than 20 years. Her extensive training in art and design give her a unique perspective and this informs her writing deeply. Jessica believes we are all able to Wake Up.

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