Conscious communication Part 2

my sad story by Jessica Berry

Part 2

*If you haven’t read part 1 find it here

It is so helpful to understand that all our communication is essentially vibrational in nature. We focus our communication currently as a conceptual practice by using word symbols that represent vibrational meanings. We very often veil the truth by paying attention to only the transactional play of the word symbols. At the same time as we believe we are understanding or misunderstanding each other’s word symbols in a surface level conceptual semantic communication, what we are truthfully experiencing is an interplay of vibrational or energetic exchanges.

The key to welcoming the co-creation of nourishing interactions into our experience is understanding the principle of as within / so without. This principle demonstrates that our inner experience will be mirrored in our outer experience. When our inner repeating narratives contain the vibrations of lack, disempowerment and unworthiness we will attract outer experiences that compliment this narrative. When our inner energetic offerings are the vibrations of unity, joy, worthiness, kindness and creativity we attract this type of vibration into our experience. Understanding this principle rids us of the pain of blame, shame and guilt. We will come to a compassionate understanding of traumatic interactions when we see that I and my world are One.

It helps to think of music when considering vibrational communication. Generally, we know the difference between a discordant tone and a tone of harmony. Most of us prefer harmonious toning but have a concurrent addiction to discord. We are busy with disowning our own discordant offerings and will deflect the discord of others defensively or offensively until we come to realise that it is the mirror of our own. Our word symbols cannot effectively mask our vibrational offerings to each other. We unconsciously read each other’s energy and create misunderstanding through the activity of veiling our authenticity due to fear of vulnerability.

There is a great freedom in committing to the work of meeting our own inner experiences of difficult energy with Presence for when we have committed to this work of inner transformation, we become available to meet the difficult energy of others with Love-Presence rather than bypassing. Communication then becomes a shared song of life enriching offerings of Joy, creativity, evolution and expansion.

Laying down our own burdens in forgiveness helps us to see through the burdens of others and forgive them in turn.

Continued in part 3

Published by Art of Intruition

Jessica Berry is a certified meditation facilitator. She has been studying Awareness and practicing meditation for more than 20 years. Her extensive training in art and design give her a unique perspective and this informs her writing deeply. Jessica believes we are all able to Wake Up.

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