Conscious communication Part 3

Conscious communication Part 3 Read part 1 here and part 2 here before reading part 3 Why is it helpful to meet our traumatic energetic inner-world thoughts and outer-world interactions with Presence? The Knowing of Presence reveals that our essential nature is not the transient arising of thoughts and their further manifestation in interactions. TheContinue reading “Conscious communication Part 3”

Conscious communication Part 2

Part 2 *If you haven’t read part 1 find it here It is so helpful to understand that all our communication is essentially vibrational in nature. We focus our communication currently as a conceptual practice by using word symbols that represent vibrational meanings. We very often veil the truth by paying attention to only theContinue reading “Conscious communication Part 2”

Conscious communication

Conscious communication Part 1 We’ve all experienced the trauma of communication breakdown. Personally, I spent years with the sincere intention to bring love and authenticity to my interactions, only to find my interactions at times going pear shaped and turning into pain experiences. I’m very grateful to all these painful experiences in the learning arenaContinue reading “Conscious communication”

Compassionate here-ing part 2

Compassionate here-ing Part 2 *Please read Part 1 of this post and the posts ‘symbol substitution’ part 1 here and part 2 here to complement this post Blocking fear-hurt energy both within ourselves and with others is a form of energy resistance and results in nothing but an increase of fear-hurt energy. Imagine a damContinue reading “Compassionate here-ing part 2”

Compassionate here-ing

Compassionate here-ing Part 1 *Please read ‘symbol substitution’ part 1 here and part 2 here to complement the unique terms used in this post When we rely solely on our past-accumulation-self-identity-symbol-system (or ‘small self’) to communicate we largely pass fear-hurt energy around and spend our time in reactivity. This is both exhausting and isolation increasing.Continue reading “Compassionate here-ing”