Connecting to our innate gift

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Using the tools of meditation, intruition and compassionate here-ing we co-attune to our Heart-Centre and lovingly transmute unintegrated fearful past narratives.

45 mins zoom session

Intuitive mystic Jessica Berry is a certified meditation facilitator and ordained non-sectarian minister. She has been studying Awareness and practicing meditation for more than 25 years.



“I did a meditation / healing session with Jess. Her style reminds me of a combination between EMDR, inner child work, life regression and energy healing. I felt completely comfortable and held in the space by Jess. She has a wonderful calming voice which easily guides you into a meditative state. Through her guided meditation I was able to have profound realizations which facilitated deep healing. I was amazed at how effective and deep a meditation session with her was able to take me. Many thanks and love.” – Serena Cavala

“I used weed to mute myself and my self expression; reaffirming my beliefs that I was not good enough and would be rejected. This current social climate has brought that rite back also. Being ‘rejected’ by society and family members..

We investigated this belief through two meditative inquiry sessions. Thank you so much for the two sessions we had, it is the most powerful, connected and conscious modality I have experienced so far I think.” – Stuart Hall

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