From Fear to Love. Part 1.

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From Fear to Love

Part 1.

We’ve gotten ourselves into rather a pickle with our fear functioning. Fear is one of our set of functions that comes with the Earth-suit we incarnate with. The fear function ensures we have a great tool to help avoid damaging the suit while taking our Earth walk. These days our fear function is malfunctioning BIG TIME.

How do we reset? We stop identifying with our mind function.

Another couple of great names for our Earth-suit are ‘mind+body’ or ‘body+mind’. The body+mind is only part of our Earth experience, but it’s one we’ve been obsessed with, to the exclusion of only our Magnificent-Innate-Source-Divinity. Oh well! We MISD the point.

Do you remember the cover art for Led-zeppelins album ‘Dark side of the moon’? It features a ray of white light traveling through a prism and emitting a rainbow. This is a great symbol for what happens when we don the Earth-suit. Our True Nature: Source-Divinity, I AM, All that IS, is the ray of pure white light containing the spectrum of colours; the white light IS the unity state of the spectrum of colours. When we travel through the prism into the Earth vibration, we can have the experience of splitting the colours into the spectrum. This is the One experiencing the many. The body+mind Earth-suit is simply a tool for getting amongst the many. Where we get into trouble is that we identify with the changing spectrum of the many. So, for example, when we get angry, (we could symbolise this with the red colour on the spectrum) we become an angry person, a ‘someone’ who is angry. Truthfully ‘angry’ is just a transient experience. But who is the experiencer? It is Our True Nature. We are ALL ONE, with the mistaken perspective that we are ‘alone’.

Fear is the vibrational signal to the Earth-suit that we are heading too far from our Centre (or Heart), it’s just like a red light flashing on a console. Fear is the experience of getting dangerously out of range of Love. This function could serve as a little function to remind us to tune back into Love, or back into our Centre. Instead, we just hang around in the Fear vibration freaking out. These days many of us pretty much live with our red-light non-stop blinking on our console.

Why? Because we trained each other over many generations to do this, and became addicted to it.

This addiction is reversible. Phew!

How? The mind function snuck into the driver seat while the Captain went to the loo. Truthfully the captain does not need to go to the loo, and is always in the driver seat but doesn’t mind the mind having a little go. Man, it’s a wild ride when the mind is driving! Who is the captain? Source-Love-Oneness; the ultimate and best captain. Imagine handing over the deck to your little monkey pet while you go to the loo! Our Captain has an amazing sense of humour. The captain knows the monkey will evolve beyond the desire to drive after it has had a little go and seen that the captain is the captain for good reason. The monkey is super relieved when the captain is back in the driver’s seat, he can go back to sitting on the captain’s shoulder telling him jokes and sharing his bananas.

To be continued in Part 2.

Living with spiritual integrity

Fushimi Inari shrine, Kyoto. Photo by Jessica Berry

Living with spiritual integrity

Most of us take advantage of a satellite GPS app when making a journey from A to B. Similarly, when embarking on the journey from Birth to Death we are equipped with a kind of satellite navigation system, with the function of seeing the bigger picture in order to better journey through the details. We call this innate navigation function intuition. It’s an utter tragedy that this incredible, literally mind-blowing tool is currently largely thrown by the wayside. We use a GPS system by zooming out to get a better picture of the lay of the land. Intuition works by zooming in, for it is by going within that we can see the bigger picture. The great news is that if you have uninstalled yours there’s no problem, we can simply make a few tweaks to your system to re-install and reap the benefits.

So, what does it even mean to ‘go within’? Within is the space between. Within is our greater context, it is the blank page that allows the story to be read. It’s the ‘nothing’ that provides the connectivity for all the ‘something’. There cannot be a song without a whole lot of silence between the notes connecting them up. The silence gives the sound the opportunity to shine, just as the darkness allows the light to pop. When we tune in to the space between, we connect to our greater context.

All forms of meditation are simply different ways of tuning in to our greater context.

For quite a while now on Earth we’ve been obsessively solely paying attention and giving impetus to all the ‘something’ all the while ignoring the nothing that connects and includes all that something. We have been in a state of a terrible fear of the nothing. The beautiful joke is that there is really nothing to fear. More good news: currently on Earth our consciousness is collectively remembering our greater context and we are moving from a state of the idea of separation into our true state of Unity.

We largely misconstrue the wisdom of ‘follow your heart’ to mean go with your emotions. What it really means is go into the centre. This is a wise saying that really means to get centred rather than to make an emotional judgement. Our Centre is the Heart of Hearts, also known as our true nature. Moving from our centre is moving from the 360-degree, all-encompassing perspective that knows and sees and connects all things.

My next article will be all about the spectrum of our emotions, and how to experience them from the vantage point of your heart of hearts, your true centre.


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Intuition is our innate compass. Every one of us (without fail) is gifted with it at birth. Intuition is the creation and gift of Unconditional Love and therefore its true north is naturally Love.

I like to playfully call my own compass inTRUition, because ultimately Truth is Love.

When I say Love I mean that inexpressible kindnesscompassiontruthhome, I mean Our True Nature; that’s why I give it a capital L.

Warning: What I’m about to say will seem threatening to many. I’m going to say it anyway.

Many, many of us lose touch with this golden compass quite quickly. Why? Because humans are currently conditioned by (and therefore obsessed with) strategy. Strategy is the tool of winners, and we are all conditioned to believe we want to be winners by the dominant ideology of Capitalism. Most of us live with a nigh omnipresent anxiety that we are at risk of becoming losers, this is of course the same ideology at work. Some folk are in a state of despair, suffering under the belief that they ARE losers. Those that see themselves as winners are guaranteed to become losers at some point in life. Winners use the strategies of anxiety and guilt and shame to keep their ideology on top. These feelings are of course all types of fear, and fear is the state of believing oneself abandoned by Love.

One of the ways that winners/losers try to mitigate fear is with soothing activity. There are all types of soothing; on the scale from mostly benign to life-destroying. Soothing provides temporary dopamine dosing to distract us from the merciless and precarious conditioned narrative of Winners and Losers. Winners and Losers need Stuff. If you get the stuff you win. If you can’t get the stuff you lose.

None of this is Our True Nature. It IS the ‘play of the world’ and we all spend a little time hypnotised by its high stakes game play. Many of us are completely and utterly immersed and enmeshed in this dream.

This dream includes the opportunity to wake up.

To wake up is to realise there are no winners and no losers. We are ALL of us Pure Unconditional Love; I call this Our True Nature.

Every dream is guaranteed to end with waking up. Life will cause you to wake up. This can be called Grace. You may be someone who is traumatised by religious dogma and you might not appreciate the term Grace, so feel free to call it kindnesscompassiontruthhome if that suits you better.

Some people reading this will be totally hypnotised by the story of Winners and Losers. These ones will scoff at intuition. Strategy is more highly prized. These are the ones who will feel threatened by my assertions.

I’m here to say the game of Winners and Losers is NOT real life, it is the dream only.

Intuition is not a tool for winning, or for preventing losing. This is why winners/losers believe they have thrown out this defunct compass. (Winners/losers will acknowledge intuition exists if it happens to help them win or prevent losing.)

Intruition is infinitely precious. Why? Because you can use your innate gift of intruition to wake up.

What is real life? Real life is Our True Nature. I feel a good word for it is Home. If you have a trauma response to the word home, nonetheless I suspect you have an innate understanding of what I mean by capital H Home. What I mean by Home is the end of fear.